UK Road Rage

Road Rage on UK roads

According to the ” Privilege Driving Report” ; 61% of Lincoln residents regularly experience road rage. The worst city in the UK recorded in this study. Apparently the national average is 46%. The next worst places for road rage are Portsmouth and Peterborough with respectively 60% and 54%.. London came in at 13th with 41%. Something I find quite surprising. The worst culprits are 69 year old men, and the worst time of day is at 7.30am.

Impatience and bad manners were the most frequent causes with “cutting up” at 62%, “tail-gating” at 51% and not saying “thank you” at 27%.

I say to my pupils they should always acknowledge and say; ” thank you”, by waving, (without taking their hand(s) off the steering wheel).when another driver has given way to them, even if they have the (so called), “priority”. It costs nothing and helps the world go round!

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