Provisional licence holders have 54,000 penalty points

Figures obtained from  under the Freedom of Information Act show that currently there are 54,988 Provisional Licence holders who have points on their licence. Although it seems a lot this represents only about 1% of this group. Apparently there are 7 million Provisional Licence holders. Out of this group 60% broke the speed limit; 43% jumped a red light. Nearly 30% got penalty points for not having driving insurance; and a small percentage were given penalty points for reckless driving.

Many drivers, provisional licence holders or not, don’t realise learners can pick up penalty points. I am always pointing this out to my learners as they learn to pick up speed and also not to become an “amber gambler” as they contemplate the next set of traffic lights!

If you pick up more than six points in the first two years of gaining a full driving licence, then you can expect to have your driving licence revoked. You then have to start all over again and take the Theory Test and then the Practical Test all over again!

Mind how you go!

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