DVSA clarifies speed limit for L Tests

The DVSA has clarified guidance to Driving Examiners, making it clear that test candidates will not be penalised where they respond to the road environment by driving under the 30 mph limit at say 20mph, if the road conditions warrant it. For example; on narrow streets, to protect people on foot and bikes in built up areas. It is important that drivers from the beginning of their driving careers learn that speed limits are limits and that sometimes it is appropriate to slow down to accommodate other road users. In fact the busier a road gets with pedestrians, shops and general activities roads become self limiting in terms of the speeds drivers can achieve.
So why have a 20mph limit? Unfortunately not everyone will agree to the above and drivers have to be persuaded by law to slow down. At least then, someone will be to blame if they don’t.
The GO20 coalition calls for 20 mph to become the default limit in cities, towns, villages and appeals to drivers to slow down to 20mph or below around homes, schools and shops, even if the limit is still 30mph.
In Bristol residents and visitors may have noted that the city council is introducing 20mph limits across the city and will continue until the whole city, with the exception of a few strategic key routes in and out of the city have been completed.

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