Apollo and the Media

Just to let you all know, from time to time, Apollo Driving School, i.e. me, is asked to comment on various  radio shows on subjects regarding road safety and learning to drive issues broadcast on Radio Bristol. Usually early morning long before I am fully awake and “with it”.  The last time they called and asked me was last Thursday. Unfortunately …

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Provisional licence holders have 54,000 penalty points

Figures obtained from  under the Freedom of Information Act show that currently there are 54,988 Provisional Licence holders who have points on their licence. Although it seems a lot this represents only about 1% of this group. Apparently there are 7 million Provisional Licence holders. Out of this group 60% broke the speed limit; …

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Reduce your Car Insurance

Top 10 Tips to reduce your car insurance

1. Shop around don’t automatically renew your cover, you’ll probably get it cheaper elsewhere. 2. Lock it away garaging your car makes it less liable to damage. 3. Check out black-box telematics policies how and when you drive can mean cheaper policies. 4. Pay just once monthly payments can be more expensive. 5. Increase your excess larger excesses smaller premiums. …

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UK Road Rage

Road Rage on UK roads

According to the ” Privilege Driving Report” ; 61% of Lincoln residents regularly experience road rage. The worst city in the UK recorded in this study. Apparently the national average is 46%. The next worst places for road rage are Portsmouth and Peterborough with respectively 60% and 54%.. London came in at 13th with 41%. Something I find …

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