Apollo and the Media

Just to let you all know, from time to time, Apollo Driving School, i.e. me, is asked to comment on various  radio shows on subjects regarding road safety and learning to drive issues broadcast on Radio Bristol. Usually early morning long before I am fully awake and “with it”.  The last time they called and asked me was last Thursday. Unfortunately I couldn’t do it as I was travelling to Portsmouth to a “Technology for ADI’s” mini conference held by the DIA (Driving Instructors Association).

A few weeks ago I was approached by a TV production company enquiring if I would take part in it’s new programme. The young man on the ‘phone said it was in the entertainment sector for TV. They would provide the cars and pay me for my services; They wanted me to take someone who had recently failed and teach them to pass! no mention on their level of attainment so far, their ability to absorb information or their dexterity in performing manoeuvres.
“You know, let them  hit the curb first” I was told and then teach them to be “well what!” I asked. All in the realms of entertainment.

With no powers over editing either it was a hard choice. Was I about to turn down my 15 minutes of fame, my Mary Berry moment. Just think of it, all those books stacked up in Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s; Mark’s Four pots to my Engine; Spaghetti Junctions in the UK to Die For; Every Day Snacks, to take away. – When you are stuck on a closed motorway.

Well,  and despite the money being offered, I didn’t phone them back as I was asked to. I didn’t want to become the ridicule of other ADI’s as the programme would be edited to get the best entertainment at my expense!

Another programme I turned down (or didn’t reply to their invitation letter) was Channel 4′s “Come Dine with Me”. Where do they get one’s name from? Although I enjoy cooking and studied the art as a young man in Switzerland. I cannot bear how the programme has changed, from people enjoying meals other enthusiasts have cooked to “entertainment”; to belittle one or all the contestants.

For now, I shall keep all the entertainment to my own car, in my own lessons! So watch out! Oh and the “Tech Conference” I shall be recording it for myself on the ” In-Car CCTV”!

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