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All about Apollo

Only Fully Qualified Driving Instructors. (ADI's)

Mark is a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI) and has taught hundreds of people of all ages to drive in Bristol; working for the two national driving schools before starting up his own school; Apollo Driving School Bristol.

Up-to-date Teaching Methods

Ensuring students are taught up-to-date methods and are conversant with all the latest traffic laws; relating for example, to Bristol’s bus lanes and being able to cope safely with motorists and cyclists; especially with the exponential growth in cycling Bristol is promoting. With an undertaking in partnership with the DVSA, Mark is committed, on a voluntary basis to CPD (continuous professional development).


A bit about tests

Learning to drive can seem a little complicated so we have simplified the whole process. Simply click the link below to read about what is required when taking a UK driving test.

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With many years experience, Apollo has trained many drivers both young and old to get through their driving test



We use current models ensuring safety & comfort whilst learning to drive.



Not only are our prices competitive but you can pay in block booking instalments.

What our customers say...

Mark has been a great teacher. Particularly at the beginning when I was at my most nervous. Driving lessons have been enjoyable and I passed first time! Thanks, Mark

Carolina Monntoya

I would definitely recommend Mark for his calm, patient tuition which meant I was able to pass my test first time with confidence.


When I was searching for a driving instructor, Mark really stood out from the rest; he really seemed like a serious instructor, who cared about his pupils and I must say that my first impressions were correct. Mark has been extremely calm from the beginning, he was always in a good mood and trying to start.


Mark was great, always helpful with tips and anecdotes that made passing a breeze. I would recommend him to anyone. (first time pass)


I would recommend Apollo to anyone in need of learning to drive. The 2 hour lessons I had with Mark were far more useful than the 1 hour lessons I had with my first instructor and they were well priced. Mark was always very friendly and conversational. Also his knowledge of tests and routes proved..


Thanks to Apollo, I passed my test first time! Bristol is a tricky place to learn but Mark provided a calming atmosphere throughout. Many thanks Pass date 06/10/15


Mark is an incredibly friendly and interesting driving instructor who has helped me to pass my test on the first attempt. He appears to have a wealth of instructing experience and many tips and tricks to help you pass. Great teacher.


I had a great experience learning with Mark. He has amazingly in-depth knowledge of everything about driving and teaches with great care and attention to detail. He is also an extremely interesting chap who will keep you entertained with stories!


Failed 10 years ago, but passed first time with Apollo. Mark is always calm under pressure. I’m off to deliver beer now!


Mark is a great driving instructor, he taught me and a couple of friends and we all passed first time. He’s calm and methodical, making it easy and enjoyable to learn. We also went on some lovely drives around Bristol. Thanks Mark!


Mark has been a great teacher. Particularly at the beginning when I was at my most nervous. Driving lessons have been enjoyable and I passed first time! Thanks, Mark


Mark is a natural teacher and me feel at ease during my lessons. If I were to learn to drive again, I would have no doubt about choosing Apollo!


Mark helped build my confidence and I would definitely recommend him. He is friendly patient and I passed first time!


Passed first time! Started learning with Mark four years ago but stopped due to work and study commitments. Decided to stick with Mark as I liked his calm teaching style. Travelling to Bristol just for my lessons and best proved a very good choice.


Mark was a fantastic driving instructor. His lessons were built to instil confidence in the learner and they did just that. Very attentive, Mark was always willing to give good advice. Thank you!


A very good driving instructor and enjoyable lessons. I feel like I have learned a lot.


I really enjoyed the lessons, I would recommend Apollo Driving School to my friends.


Apollo Driving School”/ Mark really prepared me in the best possible way for my test; I managed to pass first time and feel fully equipped to drive alone now!


Mark was a very attentive instructor, as well as an English gentleman. Always telling me how to manoeuvre and signal, the very British way. Meanwhile telling me tails from the crown and if I slipped or committed any fault, he would tell me straight away. In the end I have passed on the first time.


Pleased as Punch! Having passed first time. Was very nervous when I first started to learn in Bristol, not knowing the area very well. Mark was very patient. As long as you listen to everything he says. You’ll be OK!


As an experienced driver who recently moved to the UK, I was looking for a driving school that would give me the skills to pass the UK driving test as quickly as possible. After three lessons, I had the skills and the confidence to pass the test with no difficulties.


An absolutely brilliant experience being taught by Mark! Patient and happy to explain anything you need to know. I would recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive, to do so with Apollo Driving School.


I came to Bristol with a Kenyan driving licence and went on a test drive with Mark. He immediately spotted various mistakes that I was making and after a couple of months of driving with Mark, I took my test and passed first time. So there you have it!


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